Spring clean up:
After a long winter, it is very important to have the yard 
cleaned up and prepared for the spring season. A 
professional spring clean up promotes optimal growing 
conditions and reduces the opportunity for fungus and 
disease to become established.

Lawn Cutting:
Your incentive for having the lawn properly cut by our crew of professional mowers goes beyond impressing the 
neighbors with that "clean-cut" look: it promotes lawn health 
and helps give you a lawn that looks not merely well-kept, 
but perfectly lush.

Clearing Work:
Clearing trees and shrubs and / or trimming areas of 
underbrush and shrubs, should be regular tasks for your 
property. Generally they are done for the purposes of 
creating open space for some particular utility or just for 
spaciousness, and even for fire prevention.

Fall Cleanup:
A professional fall clean up helps lay the groundwork for a 
happy, healthy backyard that is ready to thrive next season. 
The fall garden clean-up and preparation for winter are 
essential for the health of soil and plants, and especially 
important here in our harsh northern climate.

Edging your garden not only creates a clean and attractive line, it is an
integral part of landscaping both for aesthetic and gardening 
purposes, and it separates your driveway from your garden, so that 
weeds or plants won’t overflow into your driveway. Call us now and 
we will provide you with the most pristine landscape edging possible

Complete Fertilization Programs:
Better quality products make a better quality lawn. That is why our 
sister company -WEED MAN LAWN CARE- always uses the finest 
fertilizers and the very best weed and insect control products 
available. Our professionally trained technicians deliver the highest 
level of lawn care in the industry.

Shrub Trimming / Pruning:
Our technicians are trained to provide the proper 
annual care for trees and shrubs. By trimming your 
shrubs and hedges they will grow more slowly, 
and the slower a shrub grows the thicker and 
better it will look.

Seeding / Aerating:
We can help you determine where and when your lawn 
can benefit from overseeding new seedlings into existing 
turf to promote overall turf health and development or 
whether a more detailed turf renovation job is needed to 
replace old worn out grass with a more tolerant variety.

Mulching improves the appearance of a landscape, 
benefits the plants, improves soil, lightens garden's 
workload, adds color and texture, acts as a natural weed 
control, protects soil from erosion, insulates from extreme 
heat and cold, and returns organic matter to soil.